Discover why the GMAT exam is the best test of choice among students globally.

Structure of the EXAM

  • What is GMAT Exam?
  • The GMAT(Graduate Management Admission Test) is an online exam which you can write at any time during the year.
  • It is one of the most standardized tests that is required by majority of good business schools to measure your academic ability. It tests you on your reasoning skills and not your memory skills or computational ability. Engineers, non engineers or even people having 10+years of experience can write the GMAT exam.
  • Most of the top business schools use GMAT score as one of the selection criteria for admission of students to several graduate management programs. This exam measures verbal, reasoning, mathematical and analytical skills.The GMAT syllabus and pattern remains the same throughout the year.

Delivery of the Exam :

  1. A computerized exam which is conducted 6 days a week, 52 weeks per year and can be given upto 5 times a year.
  2. Unhappy with your first attempt? Don’t worry, you can rewrite the exam after 16 days again.
  3. Top B- schools will always consider your best GMAT score as it is the most reliable predictor of your academic performance.
  4. Your GMAT Score will be valid for 5 years.


How can you use the score?

  1. A good GMAT score can compensate for an average or below average academic record in your under graduation.
  2. There are 35,000 GMAT takers in India and more than 5000 business schools who accept the GMAT Score. So, chances of getting an admission to a good business school is much brighter with the GMAT exam.
  3. Don’t worry if you have not got the 99th percentile Score in GMAT. 80 percentilers can also get admission into top business school around the world.


The Graduate Management Aptitude Test or GMAT exam is an international level MBA entrance exam conducted by GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council). GMAT exam is carried out throughout the year. As there is no specific dates assigned for GMAT exam by GMAC.


To get GMAT exam date, the applicants need to register her/himself on the official website of the GMAT. (Link-steps)


The cost of taking GMAT exam is US$250. In case of cancellation, you will get a refund of US$80 only when you cancel the exam before 7 days of the scheduled date. The cost of rescheduling the exam is US$50.


Through this table we are sharing a flair idea about the GMAT exam pattern –

GMAT PATTERN Section No. of questions Time allotted Score/ Out of
AWA Flawed Argument 1 topic 30 minutes 1-6/6
Integrated Reasoning Graphical interpretation 12 questions 30 minutes 1-8/8
Two part analysis
Multi source reasoning
Table analysis
Quantitative Aptitude Problem Solving 20 questions 75 minutes 7-46/60
Data Sufficiency 17 questions
Verbal Reasoning Reading Comprehension 15 questions 75 minutes 9-52/60
Sentence correction 15 questions
Critical Reasoning 11 questions

Quick Facts About GMAT Exam Pattern

  • It is an Adaptive Exam; means it sets own difficulty level.
  • The Difficulty level in terms of marks ranges from 200-800. With the number of right questions the difficulty level increases and with every wrong answer it declines.
  • Experimental questions are like the trial questions which are created to assess the difficulty level of questions depending upon the correct answers set by the GMAT applicants.
  • Scaled Scores: In GMAT follows the algorithm way to check the answer where right or wrong. There is no uneven distribution of marks; for say few questions for   1 mark and few are of 2 marks.
  • Breaks: There are two optional breaks of 8 minutes between any two sections. Generally it is suggested to take breaks, lighten up your mind, and sit again for examination.
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