AP Board Class 5 Syllabus - Maths, EVS and English

AP Board Class 5 syllabus Maths, EVS and English contain the course content, weightage of marks, no. of periods, etc. Students should have a look at their syllabus before they start their academic year. Knowing the syllabus beforehand will be of great value because it will help them score more marks in their exam. Even the textbooks and related study materials are designed as per the AP Board Class 5 syllabus of Maths, EVS and English. The syllabus can be accessed free from our BYJU’S website and students can download it and refer it for future purpose. In the table below, we have provided AP Board Class 5 syllabus of subjects Maths, EVS and English.

Download AP Board Class 5 Syllabus of Maths, EVS and English PDF 2020-21

AP Board Class 5 Syllabus of EVS

  • Chapter 1: Animals- Base of Our Life
  • Chapter 2: Cultivation-Crops
  • Chapter 3: Let’s Plant Trees
  • Chapter 4: Nutritious Food
  • Chapter 5: Our Body Parts-Sense Organs
  • Chapter 6: Our Body-Its Internal Organ System
  • Chapter 7: Forests-Tribes
  • Chapter 8: Rivers-Livelihood
  • Chapter 9: Atmosphere- Wind
  • Chapter 10: Sun and Planets
  • Chapter 11: Safety Measures
  • Chapter 12: Historical Sites- Chandragiri Fort
  • Chapter 13: Energy
  • Chapter 14: Our Country-World
  • Chapter 15: Preamble of the Indian Constitution
  • Chapter 16: Child Rights


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