Accurate Marks In IBPS

Institute of banking personnel selection IBPS. The IBPS is the autonomous agency which gives the numerous job posts in the banking sectors. This year the number of vacancies in IBPS are  4125 and there is the huge competition in the banking sector. There is huge competition because there is cutoff marks and negative marking in all bank examinations. This is the reason why most of the candidates are not succeeding in the bank examinations.

In order to tackle this, most of the candidates are trying to get top marks in all the sections so that there is no worry about the cutoff marks and the negative marking. To get good marks a lot of practice and preparation is needed. If any candidate gets 100% accuracy in the IBPS examinations then there is a chance for them to get some extra marks which can be included in the final score.

So here are points to follow to improve your accuracy in the IBPS examination and to improve your accuracy:

The extra marks can be obtained when you maintain 100% accuracy, in some cases, if you get the relative score you can get the extra marks, the chance of getting extra marks also depends on the difficulty level of the paper.

  • The extra marks can be obtained with the difficulty level of the paper. For example, you and your friend attempted the bank examination but on the different days so the set number of the question paper is different. If your question paper is tougher than your friends question paper. Then you have more chance of getting the extra marks.
  • In some cases, if you maintain the higher accuracy then you can definitely get the extra marks. So take the mock tests and practice more, this helps you in getting the higher marks.
  • If you can attempt 25 questions with the 100% accuracy rate then you can get better or extra marks.
  • The only rule you should follow is attempt 8 or 9 questions in each section that too with the 100% accuracy this helps you in getting the accuracy of more than 90% in the question paper. Overall if you attempt 47 or 49 questions correctly then they will add the extra marks and now your score will be 50 marks.
  • This is how you can get the extra marks with higher accuracy. Even more than 85% is enough to get the extra marks.

Tips to get more than 90% accuracy marks in the IBPS bank examination:

  • If you practice more mock papers then only you can score more in the IBPS bank examination and also the questions which you are practicing must be solved in the different methods. Because in some cases the question and the information in the question may be changed in the examination.
  • The practicing of more of questions is important because this gives a good impact on you so that in the examination you can manage the time and also you can concentrate on the accuracy.
  • Try to attempt the question correctly and also you should learn the time management also. This two are important things you should keep in mind while practicing.
  • This is how you can score the high accuracy and so that you can get the additional marks in the IBPS bank examination.

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