Bank Exam Preparations At Home Is Better Than Coaching

Nowadays most of the students who want to pursue a career in the banking sector are going for coaching classes but only a few of them are getting the good results in the bank exams. This is because the coaching centers never teach you any shortcut techniques.

The reason, why they don’t teach shortcut techniques because it never gives you accurate answers and if you prepare yourself then you will develop shortcut methods yourself while solving the questions.

As the number of students is more than 150 in a single classroom, the time allotted for one class is maximum 90 minutes, so a teacher will not be able to concentrate on every student.

Communication is the most important part in education because without this the teacher will never know a student has learned anything or not.


One reason why most of the students opt for self-study is the flexibility of study hours. Some students love to study at night rather than studying at day time. Some are fast learners some are slow learners. At coaching centers, you have to study according to their pace but at home, you can study at your own pace.

Benefit of preparing at Home

  • Preparing at home saves a lot of time.  
  • You can clear your doubts at any moment by browsing the internet.
  • It also saves a lot of money and you can buy more study material by that money.

Organize your study material

Make sure the study material you buy are reputed study material don’t just randomly buy any study material available at the bookstore. Research before you buy. Ask your friends or from banking personnel’s who are working there, which book they used to follow at their time of preparation. Before buying any book check its review on the internet.

Make a timetable of yours

Divide slots according to your weakness and strength, subjects at which you are more confident assign less time for them. Subjects at which you are less confident assign more time to those.

Change the timetable every week so that you don’t get frustrated reading the same pattern. Change is always good; it forces us out of a tired habit and imposes better ones.

Make progress report of yours

At school, we all are having a progress card, and we all are judged according to our progress report.  

Make a report card of yours indicating all the subjects and how much marks you are scoring at each subject.

Here is an example of a Progress card,

Date Subject
Quantitative Aptitude

(total marks)

Reasoning Ability

(total marks)


(total marks)

General Awareness

(total marks)

Computer Knowledge

(total marks)

02/02/2016 Your Scored marks = p Your Scored marks = q Your Scored marks = r Your Scored marks = s Your Scored marks = t

Increase Speed

Increase your speed of solving problems; this will increase once you practice more. The more you practice the more you understand. If you are facing problem while solving a question don’t waste much time on that question it will reduce your confidence, skip to the next question and write down the question number so that you may check where you are failing.

With the help of these tips provided preparing for bank exams at home will become easier and help the aspirants to prepare in a structured format that will help them to crack the upcoming bank exams. Candidates should also take frequent mock test and practice previous years question papers that will help to get a clear idea of the pattern of the question paper along with the time specified in a given section.

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