Bank Po Jobs Better Than Software Jobs

When we talk about Bank PO or Software jobs, both are perfectly good profiles. But one has to figure out which job suits best. Both the Bank and Software jobs involve hard work. These jobs not only depend on your aptitude but also your attitude towards the job.

Banks jobs will definitely provide you with a wider range as you don’t just sit on your PC and work on your project but you also get to work with different clients and learn to handle a different level of issues every new day.

Remember before analyzing for a job, to analyze yourself and your interests. One should make sure they suit in that place which will help to perform better. Here we have compiled some experiences of people who have worked in both sectors.

Starting salary

  • Bank job: 38000-42000
  • IT job: 20000-25000

Job Growth: Salary and Rank Growth

  • Bank Job: As a Bank PO, your starting package is much higher than 6 LPA. If we talk about rank growth then within 2 years of your joining as PO, you are either promoted to as Assistant Manager or Deputy Manager based on your performance.

Salary increment of a Bank PO:

  1. Annual hike in base salary
  2. Promotion
  3. Bank pay commission increment
  4. Salary increment by clearing JAIIB & CAIIB exams

IT Job: As an Assistant system engineer trainee you start with a package of 3.2 LPA. It’s a slow process, within a year of your recruitment you are promoted as Assistant System Engineer (ASE) with package of 3.6 LPA then it takes you one more year to get to system engineer with package of 4.4 LPA, still pretty less than base salary of bank PO

Salary increment of an IT Officer:

  1. Annual hike in base salary
  2. Promotion to a higher rank

Work-life balance: There is a major time difference in both the jobs, let’s see how

  • Bank Job: Fixed timings, you get all the national holidays. You have weekends off except second Saturday that means you get more time with friends and family.
  • IT Job: There are uncertain timings at work, working at nights sometimes if your company is US based and not many holidays on occasions.

Area of interest

  • Bank jobs: No specific requirements. Everything you learn, you learn in the job. The only requirement is that you clear your Bank exam.
  • IT Jobs: Coding is a must. You must be updated with the latest coding languages in the market and should possess command for it. C++, C#, java, .net, python etc should be on your tips.

Job security

  • IT jobs: IT market generates a huge load of money every day. Thus more prone to market forces and any day can be your last day at the firm. Also, automation revolution has rendered thousands if not millions of IT industry stewards useless. To improve bottom lines, companies are reducing the flab and are going agile, making mass firings a norm.
  • Bank Jobs: Jobs of people working in Indian Public Sector Banks, even in the darkest times there hasn’t been even a single mass layoff in the history of Indian PSBs.

Here are few advantages of securing a bank job:

  • Flexibility: People have a misconception that work timings in the bank are not flexible and switches are not possible but recently RBI offered flexible work timings for their officers to maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • Holidays: People working in govt. sectors enjoy a lot of holidays and in India, the calendar is filled with festival holidays. This gives you quality time to spend with your family.
  • Prestige: Additional perks as a bank officer are that you get a certain level of position that can earn you reputation and prestige.
  • Low pressure: Advantage only if you are committed to your job.

Remember, all the advice and experience you receive from others at the end only depends on the individual itself. Focus, interest and determination are the only key. Byju’s counsellors help the candidates to guide them in a path with assistance that is best suited for them.

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