Banking Courses After Graduation

One of the most common questions that come to the mind of every graduate student after completing their graduation is what to do next. The banking sector is known as one of the best career options for aspiring students after graduation. According to the vacancies every year the banking sector employ huge numbers of aspiring candidates in different departments like Clerks, Accountants, Development Officers, Auditors, Associates, Sales, Marketing, Officers, Probationary Officers, and Insurance Agents etc.
The aspiring graduates need to pass the bank exams like exams under SBI, RBI, IBPS and other exams conducted by government and private bodies to get a job under banking sector.

M.Com in Finance and Banking

There are lots of career options in Master of Commerce in Finance and Banking. It is a two years course and postgraduates from this section are mostly employed in banking sectors and lots of job opportunities are available for a graduate accountant from these fields in India and also in foreign countries.

  • The benefits of M.Com in Banking and Finance are

It serves as a platform for further higher studies such as M.Phil and Phd. Degree in this section. Aspirants can get a solid platform in this field which will make it easier for them to play a good role in their respective sector and many banks outside of India hire professionals with the skill for various posts on competitive salaries.

MBA in Finance and Banking

In the post graduate banking course of Master of Business Administration in Finance and Banking, the course of study is a functional section of accounting, finance marketing, economics, rural and behavioral science, HR management, quantitative methods and IT.

  • The benefits of MBA in Finance and Banking are:

Aspirants can get knowledge about areas like foreign exchange, loan and credit appraisal which can help them in joining as senior-level post in any bank or private sector bank and completing this course can help a candidate rise his/her leadership role and management skills in his/her bank or company.


CGPI or Certificate Program in General Insurance help aspiring candidates with both experience and knowledge which help them to make a fast career in the growing Insurance sector. CGPI program which is a six months program is based on the philosophy of Earn-Learn and eligible aspirants receive an assured placement for SBI General Insurance Co. Ltd if their performance completes all the criteria during IRDA Certification.

  • The benefits of CGPI are:

The CGPI Insurance provides candidates a solid platform so that they can make a great career in Insurance. The CGPI course covers policies in depth, practice, and insurance principles.

Candidates can get a clear understanding of the practices and principles of casualty and property insurance General Insurance Essentials Program, and completing the CPGI can help candidates for their future career option in this sector and help them do the current job in a better way.

Post Graduate Certificate in Investment Banking

In this program, candidates are offered training in the main areas of Financial Investment and Investment Banking. Candidates can have a chance to understand how the financial markets work in relation to the operations and aims of institutes and banking organizations. It also serves as a platform for further higher studies such as Ph.D. Degree.

  • The benefits of Post Graduate Certificate in Investment Banking are:

Investment Banking can help candidates to have a great career opportunity in this large prospect for growth in a developing and emerging country like India because of the presence of high entrepreneurial energy and huge untapped sectors. And candidates can enter the competitive world of high finance where they can get a great advantage of high job profile, high pay, high profile deals and best training.

Now you can  be well acquainted that there are many banking courses after graduation available for you. So, start thinking with a clear mind and broadly by exploring yourself with these banking courses. Find and choose the area or banking course in which your strength lies and success will be in your footstep. According to every expert in this field, if an aspirant chooses an area in which his/her strength lies, they will always achieve success. To know more about upcoming bank exams and  Bank Courses, stay tuned with Byju’s.

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