Banking Terms And Abbreviations 4

Terms Full Forms Definitions
LAF Liquidity Adjustment Facility By this policy, banks are allowed through repurchase agreements to borrow money.
MCA Ministry of Company Affairs This Ministry regulates various sectors. Arun Jaitley is the current minister of MCA.
MSF Ministry of Company Affairs In emergency Situation this facility allows banks to borrow the required money from RBI (Reserve Bank of India).
MIBOR Mumbai Inter Bank Offered Rate
MIS Management Information System The weaknesses and strengths of the company are measured by this system. It is just a planning tool system of the company.
MMSE Minimum Mean Squared Errors Basically, it is used to decrease the errors. It uses estimation to decrease the mean squared error.
NABARD National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Established in 1982. Dr. Harsh Kumar Bhanwala is its chairman. This bank was set up for agricultural development.
NASSCOM National Association of Software and Services Companies It is a non-profit organization that was established in 1988. It has right now 1500 + members. R. Chandrasekhar is its president.
NCTC National Counter Terrorism Centre Indian government formed this center in 2008 after Mumbai attack. It comes under IB (Intelligence Bureau). It works for handling and controlling the terrorism.
NBFCs Non Banking Finance Companies Which not being a bank still act as a financial institute.
NBC Non-Banking Companies It acts as a financial institute.
NEFT National Electronic Fund Transfer One of a very effective and efficient electronic fund transfer system which started in India in 2005. Banks provides its customers with this facility with proper security for transferring the fund. The transfer limits are set at 2.5 lakhs.
NBFC Non-Banking Financial Companies This type of company has no interference of any bank and government as well and above that banking license not needed.
NEER Nominal Effective Exchange Rate NEER represents the difference between the value of a currency with respect to another currency. So simply this is a way to compare one country’s currency with another
NFA Net Foreign Assets This asset is equal to the balance of payment.

NFA = Current account + Valuation Effect.

NSFR Net Stable Funding Ratio It was established just ahead of the crisis that occurred in 2007 -2008.

NSFR = Available amount of stable funding / Required amount of stable funding >100%

NGO Non-Government Organization They are basically a Non – Profit Making Organization. In this NGOs number of countries comes together, gather money and work for nonprofit activity. The government is not supposed to take part in these activities.
NHB National Housing Bank RBI established it in 1988 under National Housing Bank act 1987. It is a financial institute for housing. It provides the house loan to the needy.
NSG Nuclear Supplier Group This group consists of seven countries’ government who are supposed to act as participants and they all works in the direction to control the people who are an expert of the equipment, used in the manufacturing of nuclear weapons.
NPA Non Performing Assets Basically, this term is used for those financial institutes who borrowed the money are in default due to loan. Because the borrower was not able to make the payment within 90 days after the due date and then they are considered as NPA.
NSC National Statistical Commission The government of India established it in 2006, to manage or handle the mistake and problems that statistical agencies make at the time of collecting data.
NSSF National Small Savings Fund The government established this in 1999 to pool all available small resources and put them together and simplify things for that category of customers whose financial savings or household savings are small.
OD Overdraft In this facility, companies can withdraw more money than their actual available balance in their bank accounts. This facility is provided to companies by the discretion of the bank.
ODA Official Development Assistance DAC (Development Assistance Committee) formed this to measure and keep a check on the transfer of resources from place to place.
OMO Open Market Operations OMO is basically carried out to maintain the currency liquidity. In which central bank buys or sells bonds in the open market.
PACS Primary Agriculture Credit Societies RBI established This Society in India to deal with a specific kind and level Customers (Gram Panchayat & village level).
PDAI Primary Dealers Association of India PDAI was formed under RBI by PD (Primary Dealers). It represents the market practices which develops a healthy market and are suitable for market.
PDO Public Debt Office PDO is a strategy for the ministry of finance for debt.
PIO Persons of Indian Origin Other than the citizens of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, people can get this certificate.
PO Principal Office


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