Blood Relation Questions In Bank Exams

Blood Relation is a very important topic in Reasoning Ability. The questions from this section can be given directly or can be given in form of coded data sufficiency or blood relation question.

The questions in this section test your cognitive skill. These questions appear complicated and long but they are very simple to solve once you understand the logic. 3 types of questions come from this section: single person blood relation, mixed blood relation and coded blood relation. Candidates must practice daily and try to understand the problem first and then solve the questions which will help them excel in the bank exam.

Here are some tricks which can help to solve Blood Relation questions quickly.

Relate the problem to yourself:

One of the best ways in which candidates can solve blood relation questions is to try and relate the statements in the question to them. The candidates can assume the starting name of the statement as theirs and apply this technique to solve the problem. Here is one example of how to apply this method.

He is Rahul’s sister’s mother’s brother.

Assume that you are Rahul.

Now your sister’s mother is your mother.

And your mother’s brother is your Maternal Uncle.

So the answer is Maternal Uncle.

This method should be only used for short questions.

Break down every statement in the question:

Most of the questions of Blood Relation are very long. Most candidates get confused and consume too much time in solving. So candidates should break down the statement into sub-statements and then solve the question.

She is Mukesh’s sister’s uncle’s wife’s daughter

Mukesh’s sister’s uncle = Mukesh’s uncle

Mukesh’s uncle’s wife’s son = Mukesh’s cousin

So the answer is cousin.

Never assume the gender:

Candidates should never assume the gender of the person in the statements just by the name given in the question.

For example, Rima is the sister of Milan. Milan is the brother of Anu. How are Anu and Rima related?

In the above statement the gender of Anu is not given. So Anu can be brother or sister of Rima. Candidates should not assume the gender based on the name of a person. Candidates should break down the statement and find the actual relation.

Draw family tree:

One of the easiest ways to solve a blood relation question without making mistakes is to draw a clear diagram of the family tree. In this method, people in the family belonging to the same generation are placed at the same level and the diagram is in the form of a hierarchy. For example,

If, X + Y = X is husband of Y

X / Y = X is sister of Y

X * Y = X is son of Y

In F * B + C / P, how is F related to P?

Solving from left to right and mentioning the gender of each person we get:

Therefore, F is the nephew of P.

With the help of these tricks mentioned solving blood relation questions will become interesting for the aspirants as they will be able to solve these questions with ease. Hence the candidate should also carefully read and understand the question for accurate results. Practising previous year’s questions will help the aspirants have a clear idea of the questions asked.

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