Essence Of Data Sufficiency

Understand the Essence of Data Sufficiency

Data Sufficiency holds the most part of the Quantitative Aptitude section for any Bank Exam. Take any competitive exam that contains the Quant section, there will be 50% questions from this Data Sufficiency topic. In some other examinations the Data Sufficiency thing is under the Reasoning section.

The Data Sufficiency part is generally given in the question paper to check the logical ability of a person to solve a given problem. Many of the candidates try to solve these types of questions by guessing but rather than they must follow these simple ideas to solve the data sufficiency problems in order to crack the bank exams like SBI PO or IBPS PO.

A simple and easy approach while answering Data Sufficiency questions:

  • The most important thing is to read the question properly before attempting it. It will automatically help you to figure out that what the question wants.
  • Another vital aspect is that the candidate needs to know whether the data provided is relevant to the question or not. If not then opt for the ‘none of these’ option.
  • Try analyzing each of the statements separately. This will help you to figure out what the wrong options may be. From the options that are left, again try to remove those options which seem wrong to you. This is known as the process of elimination. It is very helpful to the aspirants.
  • The candidate is instructed not to do any guessing work here or else it may end up answering the question wrong. These questions are quite tricky and the candidate needs to understand the questions other than just guess the answers.
  • Don’t judge the answer by just reading one statement or just one option. That’s the main reason why the first point has been mentioned, to read the question carefully before starting to answer the question.

Some more points that the candidate needs to focus on:

  • Practice as much as you can. It will help you to solve the questions related to Data Sufficiency easily. As it is quite a tricky and difficult part, only practice can help the candidate in this.
  • As all of us know that the Exams like IBPS and SBI are time bound, therefore the need is to manage time properly as it will help the candidate in answering the full question paper on time. Try practicing with a stopwatch to know your ability to answer the number of questions in that amount of time.
  • Solve mock papers and previous years’ question papers in order to have an idea about the questions that comprise the Data Sufficiency part in the question paper.

As there are many upcoming bank exams round the year, therefore the need is to practice as much as a person can.