General Awareness Syllabus For IBPS Clerk Mains

This is the fourth section of the question paper of the IBPS Clerk Main Exams. The main aim of including this section is to know about the knowledge regarding General Awareness.

What is General Awareness?  

General Awareness or G.A refers to the basic knowledge that we possess about the happenings in the world or knowledge about a particular situation or development. It mainly focuses on the current activities around the globe rather than ancient ones.

It includes the topics such as,

  • Banking & Financial Awareness: Nowadays in order to check the awareness of the candidates the Selection board of the banking exam includes questions in this topic just to make sure that the candidate has awareness in terms of banking and also the financial sector.

These include questions that mainly depend upon the current affairs of the banking world. We can improve our knowledge in this sector by reading business newspapers and also the section of business in any newspaper.

  • Current Affairs: It refers to the events of political and social interest that occur in the present.
  • Static GK (Few questions): There are some questions related to general knowledge too. General Knowledge is having the awareness about facts and figures about various aspects.

The candidate can master on the topics mentioned above only by inculcating a regular reading habit. More focus should be given on Business news. The Static GK part can be better by continuous research on various topics like countries and their capitals, their flags, etc.

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