How To Improve Speed In Calculations

When it comes to calculation, majority of us have a perception that it’s a difficult task. But that’s just a mind set. Calculations can be made easy when mastered by anyone who is willing to improve. Calculations is a vital part in any competitive exam like Bank Exams, as it comes in most of the Quantitative Aptitude questions and some of the Reasoning Ability questions.

There are so many ways in which calculation speed can be improved. This article is framed with some of the most important techniques that can be used to improve on one’s calculation speed.

  • Steady Start And Finding the Patterns

Starting with the basics in the initial stage is always beneficial, as the candidate is able to find the similarity between some calculations and see the pattern of this similarity. This helps the candidate in remembering what the answer will be to a particular calculation like addition or multiplication, which can ultimately save the time during the examination.

  • Visualizing

We at Byju’s have always focused on visual learning, as we know that visual effects last longer in the memory of the student. So we advise the candidate to visualize the calculation instead of doing it with a pen & paper, this will improvise the calculation speed of the candidate as it becomes very convenient to the solve the problem.

  • Observe Before Execution

Many types of researches have proved the problem solving is much efficient when the execution is started after observing what actually is asked. As by observing, the problem the candidate can find the right execution method for the problem and efficiently solve it.

  • Know the Multiplication Tables

Specifically for the Bank Examination, the candidate should remember the multiplication table from 1-30 at least, this will help you in giving the nearest approximate answer and select the relevant answer from the options.

  • Know the Technique

For almost every mathematical based problem, there is a technique or trick given by Vedic Math that helps the candidate in improving their calculation speed. But for utilizing these tricks and shortcuts the candidates must know which technique would be best suited for solving a particular problem.

  • Practice

The last but the most important aspect of every examination is practice. The saying ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ is true, as by practicing the candidate get so used to solving the problem with calculating the required calculations with speed that they don’t feel nervous during the examination as they are aware of how a particular problem must be solved.

A candidate can benefit from tips like this and successfully crack the upcoming Bank examinations; there are tips available for other queries and preparation related to the Bank Examination on our website.

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