Job Description Of IBPS Po

IBPS institute of banking personnel selection, PO probationary officer job is the dream job for most of the aspirants. But many candidates who are qualified in the bank examination don’t know the work involved in the probationary officer job. The candidate who is newly recruited as the bank PO he should be in the probation period for at least two years.  In this particular period only they undergo the training and perform the work which is allotted to them.

The candidates are new to the work and they are at the junior level, they are called as the probationary officer which is known as PO but the actual designation of the job is the assistant manager post. In this case, we say that the candidates who are graduates and are fresh out of the college and other candidates who are without any experience in banking field who wish for the good career in the banking sector can join the clerk or the PO post.

Here we give you the clear view about the IBPS PO bank post complete job description:

Job profile of the IBPS PO:

There are important responsibilities which are to be done by the IBPS PO only. They are service customers, new business, handle cash, payment clearance, report verification and the official communication.e.t.c

  • Customer service or the service customers:
    The service customer is the important and the major work that to is done by the IBPS PO officer. He should be good at handling the customer and they must provide the solution for the queries which are asked by the customers. These are generally related to the banking accounts, cash deposits, withdrawal. The another important thing which as to be done by the probationary officer is they must look into customers coming for opening the new accounts in the bank.
  • Queries related to the account:
    The Probationary officer post to manage the clients whether they have the incorporate fixed deposits, insurance policies and the credit cards they have solved the problems which are related this kind of issues.
  • Cash handling:
    The second major work to be done by the IBPS PO post id to handle the cash transactions. To handling this processes you should be trained in the transaction software of the bank cash transactions. But in sometimes they will give you the work related to handle the cash in the ATM’s also but this is done only in some particular locations. Finally, we can say it is the temporary job related to the IBPS PO.
  • Report verification and the payment clearance:
    The work is done daily must be clear in order to avoid the mismatch. This work done reports generally include the withdrawals, cash deposits and the ledger balances e.t.c. the another job of the PO is a clearance of the payments this is done for the inward clearing and the outward clearing.  In some cases, you can also assign to the process of the transactions through the cheques, NEFT, and the other payment modes.
  • Loan processing:
    In this part you are specially trained in selling the products, they will give you the proper training related to the selling the products and knowledge regarding the product and how to convince the customer in buying the product.
  • official communication:
    The probationary officer who is good in communication and interacting with the customers. Just like the MNC companies most of the time you will be receiving the emails regarding the updates or the changes which are done in the case of accounts and the deposits. So the probationary officer work is to keep a record of all these updates and in some cases, they have to interact with the customers also.

In order to improve the loans or the increase the bank accounts in the bank, your manager may ask you to send the official replies through the emails to the customers.

These are the important roles and the responsibilities that are to be done by the IBPS PO.

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