SBI Clerk Prelims Quantitative Syllabus

Quantitative aptitude is one of the toughest sections of the bank exam. Most of the candidates fail to solve maximum questions in this section because if one step goes wrong the entire answer goes wrong. Most of the candidates solve this section after solving all the other sections in the paper, as it makes the mind messy with numbers.

In Quantitative aptitude section, the numerical ability and accuracy of a candidate in mathematical calculations is scrutinized. The questions include topics from problems of arithmetic reasoning to purely numeric calculations, table and graph reading, percentage analysis, quantitative analysis, and categorization. This section carries 35 marks with 35 questions each for 1 mark.

Quantitative Aptitude Topics:

In Quantitative Aptitude there are total of 22 topics that covers the complete syllabus of this section in exam. The topics here have been divided into four sections as follows.

Section 1 Tables, Pie Charts, Bar Graph & Line Graph, Ratio, Profit & Loss
Section 2 Probability, Time & Distance, Permutation and Combination, Simple & Compound Interest, Average
Section 3 Time & Work, Mixture & Alligation, Stock & Shares, Percentage, Partnership
Section 4 Clocks, Volume & Surface area, Height & Distance, Logarithms, Upstream & Downstream, Mensuration, Equation & Algebra

Topic wise expected number of questions:

The expected number of questions from Quantitative Aptitude in SBI PO Prelims is given below.

Topics Expected Number of Questions
Data Interpretation 15
Ratio & Proportion 3
Profit & Loss 2
Probability 5
Time & Distance 2
Permutation and Combination 5
Simple Interest & Compound Interest 1-2
Average 2
Work & Time 2
Mixtures & Allegations 1-2
Stock & Shares 1-2
Percentage 3
Partnership 1-2
Clocks 1-2
Volume & Surface area 3
Height & Distance 2
Logarithms 3
Upstream & Downstream 4
Mensuration 1-2
Equation & Algebra 3

Quantitative Aptitude is such a section in which if a candidate is well prepared he/she can score full marks in this section but besides being a scoring section, it is tricky as well. If one calculation is made wrong the whole sum will go wrong and you end up losing marks. The syllabus of quantitative aptitude is a bit more than any other topics. The questions of quantitative aptitude are tougher than other topics. One should practice more questions on quantitative aptitude.

If you do well in quants then your chances of getting selected gets higher. One should focus on speed of solving questions for that, use approximation techniques, Learn Squares, cubes and tables, learn squares up to 30, cubes up to 30 and tables up to 30.

Take online test, this will make you feel prepared while you sit for the actual Bank PO examination. Solve syllogism visually focus on Venn diagrams.

Practice missing data interpretation questions because questions based on Data Interpretation carry very high weightage and it is very much scoring.

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