SBI Clerk Prelims Reasoning Syllabus

The reasoning is a scoring section in SBI Clerk Prelims exam, comprising of 35 questions that carry a total of 35 marks. The idea behind the reasoning section is to test the knowledge of the candidates and their capability of solving the general ability problems, with their intelligence. The reasoning is the ability to understand and simplify the problem, from the information provided in a twisted manner by applying logic, using facts in place and then verifying them. It is mainly associated with math, science, different languages, etc.

Topics of the Reasoning section are mentioned below:

Logical Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning

  • Logical Reasoning: Deductive Reasoning, Inductive Reasoning and Abductive Reasoning

  • Verbal Reasoning: Proposition, Premise, Syllogism and Verbal Analogies

Non- Verbal Reasoning

  • Symbol and their Relationship, Arithmetical Computation, Decision Making, Verbal and Figure classification, Verbal & non-Verbal

  • Analytical function, Space Visualization, Judgment, Blood Relations
  • Assertion, Seating Arrangement, Input-Output, Coding-Decoding

Topic wise expected number of questions:

The expected number of questions from Reasoning in SBI PO Prelims is given below.

Topics Sub-Topics Expected Number Of Questions

Logical Reasoning

Deductive Reasoning 2
Inductive Reasoning 0-4
Abductive Reasoning 0-2

Verbal Reasoning

Proposition 2
Premise 0-3
Syllogism 5
Verbal Analogies 0-3

Non-Verbal Reasoning

Symbol and their Relationship 0-5
Arithmetical Computation 0-5
Decision Making 4-8
Verbal and Figure classification 0-5
Verbal & non-Verbal 0-4
Analytical function 5
Space Visualization 5-6
Judgment 0-2
Blood Relation 5
Assertion 4-6
Seating Arrangement 10
Input-Output 0-5
Coding-Decoding 5

The reasoning is mainly divided into three division verbal, logical and non-verbal reasoning. As this is a time taking section this must be attempted at the end after finishing with the easy and short questions form the English and Quantitative section.

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