SBI Po Exam Pattern Changed

Lakhs of banking aspirants dream for SBI PO every year across the country. Candidates are preparing for the SBI PO according to the exam pattern introduced and now,  if there is any change in the pattern it will affect the preparation level of the candidates, so it is very necessary for a candidate to know about the changed pattern so candidates can prepare accordingly.

There is a change in exam pattern of SBI PO, the changed pattern is given here;

 There are three phases of the examination. While there is no change in phase1 – Preliminary examination, few amendments are made in  phase2 i.e. the Mains examination.

The changes in main examination pattern are as follows:

S. No. Subject No. of Qs Max. Marks Duration
1 Computer & Reasoning Aptitude 45 60 60 minutes
2   Interpretation & Data Analysis 35 60 45 minutes
3 English Language 35 40 40 minutes
4 General Awareness about Banking / Economy 40 40 35 minutes
Total 155 200 3 hours

The Old Pattern was;

S. No. Subject No. of Qs Max. Marks Duration
1 Reasoning 50 50 Composite times of 120 minutes
2 Interpretation & Data analysis 50 50
3 English Language 50 50
4 General Awareness / Marketing/ Computer 50 50
Total 200 200 2 hours

Now looking at both the tables, it is very clear that the total number of questions are reduced to 155 from 200.

Some more important points to focus;

  • The marks allotted for each section has been changed, and the number of questions section wise has a change this means that the marks for each question are changed that is some are of 1 marks and some will be of 2 marks.
  • In the old pattern the Computer section is there in the general awareness, and now it is a part of reasoning section.
  • Total time for the objective type of questions has been increased from 120 minutes to 180 minutes.

Now, let’s focus on the changes in time for different sections;

  1. Changes in General Awareness section

 Last year there is 15 minutes for general awareness that is good enough for all the 50 question.

  And now there is a composite time of 35 minutes for 40 questions. The number of question is reduced and the time is increased so it will not affect any candidate’s performance. If we consider the fact, general awareness section doesn’t take much part of the composite time. As a candidate completed its general awareness time he/she has to wait until the sections time gets over.

  1. Changes in the English language

Here also the time for the questions increased and the number of questions decreased. As it is English Language section so it doesn’t affect the performance of the candidate rather they can spend enough time for reading comprehensions scrupulously.

  1. Changes in Data analysis Interpretation

In the new pattern,  there are 35 number of questions in data analysis and interpretation. So if a candidate manages to solve even 30 questions with full accuracy it would be considered a great attempt.

  1. Changes in Reasoning and computer aptitude

Until last year the reasoning section is different and from this year the reasoning and computer aptitude both are in the same section consists of 45 number of questions with a composite time of 60 minutes.

 It simply means that there would be a division of both the reasoning and computer aptitude part, a  possible division is 30 questions from reasoning having 1.5 marks each, and 15 questions from computer aptitude having 1 marks each.

Previously there is 40 number of questions for 40 marks only for reasoning section only and now 45 questions have a composite time of 60 minutes for the reasoning and computer aptitude section.

Computer aptitude for which the time would be less than 60 seconds.