SBI Po Mains Quant Syllabus Coding And Decoding

Coding and Decoding:

Coding and decoding are the part of quantitative aptitude in various competitive exams but the level of questions differ in them, coding is a method of transmitting the sender to the receiver without knowing to the third person, before transmitting we need to encode the given message in order to obtain the original message.


if‘ EFG’ is coded as ‘GHI’ then ‘TRUE’ is coded as……….

Answer: VTWG


E– G (+2)
F – H (+2)
G– I (+2)
+2 letters are considered in this code.
True –VTWG

Arithmetical Reasoning:

The Arithmetical reasoning is the important part in the aptitude part. This section consists of the questions so that there is the application of the basic functions the formulas. These are used to evaluate the student’s problem-solving strategies and how to draw the logical conclusions. So that they can able to determine the solutions for the problems, with in the short period of time.


1)  The sum of the total of the ages of Anil, Sanjay and Mahie is 80 years. What was the total of their ages three years ago?

  1. 71 years
  2. 72 years
  3. 80 years
  4. 82 years

Answer: (A)


The sum of 3 members is 80 years

= (80-(3×3))

= (80-9)

= 71 years

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