SBI Po Mains Reasoning Syllabus

The Reasoning is solving the problems in a logical or sensible way. We take the information from the given question and compare it with what is already known and then we need to find the solution for the question. Simple? The reasoning skills often happens subconsciously and but our reasoning skills must be improved.  Reasoning part completely depends on the logical thinking, based on the information we need to find the solution for the given question or the situation.

The subtopics in the reasoning are given below:

1) Syllogism & Puzzle.

2) Seating Arrangement – Circular table and Line (North & South).

3) Blood Relation

4) Inequality or Decision Making.

5) Data Sufficiency, Coding and decoding.

6) Logical Reasoning; Number series; Statement and Argument.

Expected Number of Questions In the Reasoning Part:


              Number of Questions



Number Series


Seating Arrangement


Passage and Conclusion


Data Sufficiency

Coding – Decoding


Statement and Argument


Blood Relation

Logical Reasoning


Reasoning is that part of SBI PO Mains where candidates are judged on the basis of logical thoughts and how they can tackle the real world problems. This is a very scoring section and can be very effective if the preparation is done strategically emphasizing on all the subtopics accordingly. This section does not need any theoretical knowledge only practicing different type of questions will help the aspirants.

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