SBI Po Prelims Reasoning Syllabus Statements Conclusions

Statements and Arguments

[1-5 Questions]

In these set of questions, one or more statement(s) will be given and some arguments will be given. The candidate will have to identify which argument or arguments is / are strong.

This can be explained properly with an example:



Should United States of America declare war against Syria?


Yes this would settle the conflicts.

No war is not the solution for bilateral conflicts. It only brings destruction.

  1. Only first argument is strong
  2. Only second argument is strong
  3. Either first or second argument is strong
  4. Neither first nor second argument is strong
  5. Both the arguments are strong


Answer: (2)

Statements and Conclusion

[1-5 Questions]

This section is similar to the statement and argument section. The difference is that in this section conclusions will be given instead of arguments. The candidate will have to make a conclusion after reading the given statements.



In a football match, a team scored 5 goals. Out of that 5 goals, 4 goals were scored by the defenders.


The team consisted of 80% of defenders

All the strikers are defenders

  1. Only first conclusion is apt
  2. Only second conclusion is apt
  3. Either first or second conclusion is apt
  4. Neither first nor second conclusion is apt
  5. Both the conclusions are apt

Answer: (4)


80% of the goals were made by defenders does not mean the team consisted of only 80% defenders. So first conclusion is false.

Also there is no mention that all the strikers were defenders. Hence second conclusion is also false.