Tips To Prepare Bank Exam

Everyone wants to score good marks in the examination and knowing some tips and tricks will benefit your preparation, studying from books does not include everything you have to learn and make some strategies before the exam.

Study Plan

Make a study plan, design a timetable for yourself don’t forget to add some leisure time into your timetable as it will refresh your mind and it is very much essential to refresh your mind, as it will build an unwanted pressure in your mind which will make you not able to concentrate on your studies. Give less time to your easy subjects. Study more for the subjects in which you think you are not confident, do revise at the end of the day and practice a mock paper at the end of a week.

Read Newspaper

Read few pages of the newspaper every day, it builds your vocabulary. The more you read, the better sense you will have of what word goes where.

Use fewer books

Just follow one book for one subject. Having too many books creates a lot of confusion during the time of revision.

Make a sheet of shortcut methods and formulas

Write all your shortcut methods and formulas in a large sheet and paste it near your study table, so that you can go through it, while facing problems to solve the questions.

Practice previous year papers

When you are having 20 days or more before exam start practicing previous year question papers. Try to solve the previous year question paper as your giving your final exam. This will give you an insight into the kind of questions which are generally asked.

No new topics

Never start a new topic at the last minute. Just revise the topics you have read. Starting a new topic breaks your confidence. And you will not get time to revise all the topics that you have read earlier.  

Make Strategy

Don’t  start solving the question paper from question no.1 do it in your own way, if you are good at some topic and it is at the last page or it is the last topic in the question paper then solve it first, because it will save your time and it will give you the confidence to solve more questions. After finishing the easy topics go towards the tougher ones.  

Stay Fit

Keep yourself and your mind healthy. Take proper sleep and exercise these will keep you healthy and fresh.

If your exam is in the slot of 10hrs-13.00 hrs try solving the mock papers at the same time this will make your mind super active during this period of time.

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