Tips To Solve Parajumbles

How to solve Parajumbles

Parajumbles are a part of the English Language section in any competitive exams or bank exams that consists of sentences that are jumbled up and are a part of a paragraph. The need is to rearrange those sentences and form a series of sequenced sentences and thus form a paragraph. It is given in the question paper in order to evaluate the ability of the candidate in solving comprehensions and knowledge of words and what they mean.

The parajumble questions may belong to many different subjects like a story, Political World, General Awareness or may be a fiction.

This article deals with the tips and tricks to solve parajumble questions.

Following are some easy ways to solve parajumble questions:

  1. Try reading the sentences from first to last

The candidate must try to go through all the sentences from the first to the last. By doing this, it will give an idea about how the rearrangement must be done. It will also make a clear view of where must the sentences fall in a sequence.

  1. Figure out the Opening Sentence

After reading out all the sentences, the opening or the starting sentence can be easily figured out as it usually depicts place, time or maybe someone’s name. It generally will be the one providing some introductory line. Try to find it out after reading all the sentences.

  1. The order of the activities must be taken care of

These types of questions are usually following a sequence and hence it will be easy to answer these questions if the candidate is able to identify the flow. Like a story has a storyline, it’s exactly the same way as an event is followed by another and for some reason.

  1. Pronouns- A major Factor

The pronouns help a lot in connecting the sentences with each other. Keeping a track on the personal or the demonstrative pronoun may help in understanding the order of the sentences.

  1. Finding the Last Sentence

It is as easy job as, after reading all the sentences the one having the conclusion is the one that is the ending sentence. Moreover, it may be the sentence that contains the summary of the whole paragraph in short.

One more thing that the candidate needs to take care while the rearrangement is done is that the proper sequence must be maintained in order to avoid any mistakes. Try reading as many books as you can and read the daily newspapers. In addition, solve mock papers and previous years’ question papers of the IBPS SO or any sort of competitive exams to have an idea of the type of questions that come in the exams.

Thus, these were some points regarding ways in solving parajumbles questions. Hope the candidates find it useful.