Difference Between Living and Non living things

Everything around us is either living or nonliving. Daily we are surrounded by living and nonliving things while performing any activity. The things or organisms that are alive are called living things. The things that are not alive are called nonliving things.

Living things:

Living things are alive. They possess life. They have cells, grow and show locomotion or movement. They undergo metabolism with anabolic and catabolic reactions. They reproduce. Living things have particular life span. They respire as they require food for energy and also excrete waste from the body. They fall into a cycle of – born, grow, reproduce and die. Examples of living things are: Animals, birds, insects, human beings

Non living things:

Non living things are not alive. They do not possess life. They do not have cells, and don’t grow or show locomotion/movement. They don’t undergo metabolism with anabolic and catabolic reactions. They do not reproduce. Non living things do not have life span. They do not respire as they do not require food for energy and hence do not excrete. They do not fall into any cycle of – born, grow, reproduce and die. They are destroyed or broken down by external force. Examples of non living things are: Stone, pen, book, cycle, bottle etc

To make you understand how living things and nonliving things are different from each other, here are the some of the major differences between living and nonliving things:

Difference between Living and Non living things



Possess life

Do not possess life

Living things can reproduce

Cannot reproduce

Depends on air, water and food for survival

Does not depend on anything for survival

Respond to stimuli

Do not respond to stimuli

Has a lifespan

No lifespan

They can move

Cannot move


Do not respire

Example: Humans, animals, plants, insects

Example: Rock, pen, buildings, gadgets

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