Transpiration And Excretion In Plants

Plants are living organisms on which every other organism depends directly or indirectly for food, shelter, etc. Recollect how transportation in animals’ takes place, animals have a circulatory system. How does this transportation of food and minerals take place in plants?

Let’s have a glimpse on transpiration and transportation in plants.


Plants prepare their food with the help of leaves through the process of photosynthesis, roots help in conducting water and other minerals and the stem transports this prepared food to different parts of the plant. Vascular system-xylem and phloem assist stem in the transportation. In this way, various parts of plants help them in carrying out daily life processes.

But we know excretion is also a crucial life process. It is as important as photosynthesis and transportation. Like every living organism, plants also need to excrete excess waste from their body.  Although plants do not have a well-defined excretory system like animals, their own parts help them, especially the leaves. The process called transpiration is one among them.

Leaves are the specialized structure of plants that play multiple roles. Leaves have microscopical pores on their surface. These pores are called stomata. Gases like carbon dioxide and oxygen are exchanged via this stomata.


Water is an essential element for plants. During photosynthesis, the roots of plants absorb water and minerals from the soil and stem transport it to leaves. But only a small amount of water is used during photosynthesis. Plants excrete excess water in the form of vapor through stomatal pores present on leaves. This keeps plants cool. This process of evaporation of water through leaves is called transpiration. When the leaves transpire, a pull is created inside the plant which compels roots to suck more water from the soil. Thus transpiration provokes another cycle of conduction in plants.

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Xylem conducts food and phloem conducts water in the plant. 

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