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JEE / NEET - 2022

BYJU'S National Aptitude Test

Special scholarship exam for BYJU'S students

As on 15 Nov 2021 at 12 PM
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Online Test
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  • BNAT is for JEE / NEET aspirants who are aiming to get into the premier engineering and medical institutes in the country.
  • BYJU'S National Aptitude Test (BNAT) can help you make this important decision by analysing your strengths and key areas of improvement with respect to the skills required to qualify JEE / NEET.
  • BNAT gives you an in-depth analysis of your capabilities.
  • You will also receive personalised counselling from experts after the test to know various options that await you.
  • With BNAT, you will not only have a clear understanding of your capabilities but also become eligible for BYJU'S scholarship. Your BNAT score will help you get BYJU'S scholarship.
  • BYJU'S National Aptitude Test is your golden opportunity to make the right decision.
  • This Pan India test will help students like you, know your potential, strengths and where you stand in terms of preparedness required to start the preparation.

Start your JEE/NEET 2022 preparation with BYJU'S CLASSES

Best Online Classroom Program

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    Regular online classes by India's leading JEE/NEET trainers

    Online Classes will be conducted 3-5 times a week by India's Best JEE/NEET Trainers. This will help you understand every concept thoroughly and ensure that all your doubts are cleared.
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    Indepth discussion of Daily Practice Problems (DPPs) & Practice Sheets

    The well-designed and structured DPP will help you revise the concepts every week for all the topics. Practice Sheet discussion ensures that you learn to apply the concepts taught in the class.
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    All India Tests to benchmark yourself against other students

    BYJU'S monthly All India Test Series (AITS) for JEE/NEET will gauge your performance PAN India and improve your test-taking skills. Every test is followed by detailed feedback to help you realise the gaps in your preparation.

Unmatched Individual Attention

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    Extra personalised classes by expert faculty to work on your weaker topics

    Personalised classes will be conducted 2-3 times a week to help you spend more time on topics that need focus. This increases your chances of you cracking the JEE/NEET exam.
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    High quality elaborate video lessons to revise anytime, anywhere

    Every concept is explained visually through engaging and personalised video lessons. This helps you prepare for the classes and revise after the classes. These video lessons can be watched multiple times until you have a complete understanding of the concept.
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    Quick doubt resolution

    Convenient and instant doubt resolution by expert faculty during and after class.


Students enrolled or previously enrolled in BYJU'S can participate in this BNAT scholarship exam

How to take BNAT

BNAT has to be taken online. The test will be conducted on the BYJU'S website on 16 Nov 2021 at 2 PM. To login students must use their mobile number and the system generated password.