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Get ready for JEE 2022 or 2023 with the most exhaustive and comprehensive online classroom program by the world's largest Ed-Tech company.

BYJU'S Classes

The only online classroom program you need to ace JEE 2022 or 2023

Start your JEE 2022 or 2023 preparation with BYJU'S CLASSES

Best Online Classroom Program

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    Regular online classes by India's leading JEE trainers

    Online Classes will be conducted 3-5 times a week by India's Best JEE Trainers. This will help you understand every concept thoroughly and ensure that all your doubts are cleared.
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    Indepth discussion of Daily Practice Problems (DPPs) & Practice Sheets

    The well-designed and structured DPP will help you revise the concepts every week for all the topics. Practice Sheet discussion ensures that you learn to apply the concepts taught in the class.
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    All India Tests to benchmark yourself against other students

    BYJU'S All India Test Series (AITS) for JEE conducted once every 3 weeks will gauge your performance PAN India and improve your test-taking skills. Every test is followed by detailed feedback to help you realise the gaps in your preparation.

Unmatched Individual Attention

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    Extra personalised classes by expert faculty to work on your weaker topics

    Personalised classes will be conducted 2-3 times a week to help you spend more time on topics that need focus. This increases your chances of you cracking the JEE exam.
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    High quality elaborate video lessons to revise anytime, anywhere

    Every concept is explained visually through engaging and personalised video lessons. This helps you prepare for the classes and revise after the classes. These video lessons can be watched multiple times until you have a complete understanding of the concept.
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    Quick doubt resolution

    Convenient and instant doubt resolution by expert faculty during and after class.

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Comprehensive study material prepared by our highly experienced JEE trainers


Adaptive and unlimited customisable mock tests and chapter wise tests


Individual guidance to help you through your rigorous JEE preparation


Advanced Level Practice Sheets to maximise your score in your stronger topics


Motivational classes to boost your preparation and confidence


Video solutions of Daily Practice Problems (DPPs) and Practice Sheets to improve your conceptual understanding

Learn and Practice through our Regular Classes, DPPs and more


Doppler Effect


Free Body Diagram

Graphs of Trigonometric Functions

Coordinate Geometry Question

Quadratic Equations JEE

Incredible results in JEE Main 2020

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The all-new JEE preparation course - BYJU'S Classes - is built on BYJU'S expertise in cutting-edge educational technology. This course offers you the Best Classroom Learning experience and Highly Personalised Attention required to ace JEE.

To crack IIT JEE 2022 or 2023, BYJU'S Classes is all you need!

The only online classroom program you need to ace JEE 2022

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