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Why BYJU'S Classes for JEE

BYJU'S Classes v/s Others BYJU'S Classes Other online courses
Teachers Top JEE trainers from Kota Not all classes are taken by top trainers
DPP & Practice Sheet with discussion Available after every class Not Available
Live doubt solving All doubts are solved instantly during the class itself Not available in all classes
Revision 500 hours of video classes to help you revise any topic quickly No extra support for revision
Personalised extra classes Extra support classes for weaker topics All classes taught only once with no support classes
Well structured and comprehensive study material 24 books covering every topic from Maths, Physics & Chemistry Not always provided
15 day money refund 100% refund if you do not like the course Not always provided
Results from online courses Proven results from online courses Newly launched courses with no validation

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The all-new JEE preparation course - BYJU'S Classes - is built on BYJU'S expertise in cutting-edge educational technology. This course offers you the Best Classroom Learning experience and Highly Personalised Attention required to ace JEE.

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The only online classroom program you need to ace JEE 2022

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