Advanced Academy


Advanced Academy started its respectful journey in the year 2000 under the supervision of Director Anil Rai. the prime idea of starting this school is to unsettle the minds of students and inflame their intellects. This school strives to build an educational environment where teachers help students to recognise their distinctive potential. This helps students to grow into independent thinkers and decision makers. It is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education ( CBSE ).  It’s objective is not only to provide academic education but also to develop physical growth, personality, emotional and spiritual balance and respect towards our culture.Advanced Academy

The Mission

Advanced Academy’s mission is to make every child an immortal. It may sound ridiculous, but according to vedas, one become immortal only with the knowledge and wisdom. This school strives to provide education that not only helpful fo9r personal growth but also helps for the country.

The Vision

This school attempts to create a healthy environment where teachers share their knowledge without hesitation and students learn without fear. Teachers are encouraged to observe students, find their talents and provide right motivation to achieve their goals. A feeling of concern and care for mankind and environment is awakened in the student. It’s vision is to develop students into a whole person make them responsible and respected citizens of India.

The Objectives

  • To achieve and acquire academic excellence.
  • To provide highly sophisticated education combined with scientific advancements and indian values.
  • To plant a seed of helping nature in the students.
  • To stand on his word and deed, qualities like self control, discipline, honesty, truthfulness, goodness, respect to elders and imbibe the precious values of life.


Laboratories: Well equipped and maintained computer laboratory, biology lab, chemistry lab, physics lab are provided for teaching students something in a detailed way.

Digital Classes: Classrooms are equipped with digital boards and projection systems. Through smart classes, teachers get the relevant digital resources interactive virtual labs tools, videos and animations etc.

Library: It has both library and E-library with all the necessary books. E- library exposes students to the world and helps them in updating their knowledge on current affairs, technology etc.

Many more: This provides all the necessities that are required for overall personality of the student. Facilities include swimming pool, big playground, audio visual room, auditorium and recreation centre.

Contact Details

Address: Advanced Academy, Iskcon Vihar Colony, Nipania Road, Indore (M.P) – 452016.

Phone: 0731-3225004,6466686,3220868, 9302892041.