Army Public School

Army Public School (APS) is one of the high designated school in India. It is a system of public schools established for imparting education to the children of Indian armed forces personnel. All Army Public Schools across India are controlled by the Army Welfare Education Society (AWES).

The AWES was established in 1983, so far, the society has established more than 135 Army Public Schools and 249 Army Pre-Primary Schools across India. Establishing hundreds of schools, it is one of the largest chain of schools in India.

The schools were initially named as Army High Schools, later changed to Army Schools. All schools were redesignated as Army Public Schools on 01 Jul 2011. All Army Public schools across India follows NCERT curriculum and affiliated to CBSE.

Administration & Management

The schools are administered by local formation commanders along with School Administration and Management Committee (SAMC). All Army Public Schools haveĀ  a Chairman, who is a senior Indian Army Officer of Brigadier Rank and a Patron of Major General Rank.


The AWES has been completed eighth institution with state-of-art building, equipments and campus. The infrastructure includes hostel accommodation, administration and academic accommodation along with modern recreational facilities.

Army College Campus With State-Of-Art Infrastructure
Army Institute of Technology (AIT) Pune
Army Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (AIHM & CT) Bangalore
Army Institute of Law (AIL) Mohali
Army College of Dental Sciences (ACDS) Secunderabad
Army Institute of Education (AIE) Greater Noida
Army Institute of Management and Technology (AIMT) Greater Noida
Army College of Nursing (ACN) Jalandhar
Army College of Medical Sciences (ACMS) Delhi Cantt.

Army Public School Facilities

  • Excellent schooling facilities for boys and girls.
  • Well equipped Science laboratories, Science and Fine Art Workshops and best learning classes.
  • Social Useful Productive work and activities of skills.
  • Talent developing devices of practical nature.
  • Physical examination and physique improving devices.

Army Public School Admission Eligibility Criteria

  • Children of serving Army personnel (including DSC), children of Army Widows and Children of those TA personnel who have a minimum of 10 years embodied service.
  • Children of Army Ex-servicemen
  • Children of serving Air force and Naval Personnel.
  • Children of retired Air force and naval personnel.
  • Children of Ex-Army personnel who left Army with less than 10 years of service and do not come under the category of ex-service.
  • Children of civilians paid out of Defense Estimates, Para Military Forces including Coast Guard, MES, GREF, and TA
  • Grandchildren of serving /retired Army personnel.

Army Public School Admission Age Limit

Class Age Limits
Class 1 5 years
Class 2 6 years
Class 3 7 years
Class 4 8 years
Class 5 9 years
Class 6 10 years
Class 7 11 years
Class 8 12 years
Class 9 13 years
Class 10 14 years