Brain International School

Brain International School’s vision is to ignite the hunger and passion for learning in students. Brain International’s way of teaching is not just exams and books. It’s also about the next generation citizens playing an important role in the society. The school’s teaching and learning is not restricted to classroom alone. Internet brings the latest information as well as interesting learning methods to us.

The school provides guidance and tools to help the children make the most of the available technology. We encourage them to learn, explore and always keep an open mind for new ideas and explore them. To keep the student on the right track in his life, the school aims to instill a set of core values upon them.Emphasis is laid on complete personality development so that they mature into capable leaders. The school’s motto is for our students to have a sterling character and impeccable behavior and that the society recognize them with these qualities.

Brain International School
H-Block, Vikas Puri,

New Delhi – 110018

Phone : 011- 28544335, 011- 47313313

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