Carmel High School

Carmel High School is a community of learning and understanding which also enables students of different language abilities to achieve excellence and to become  effective communicators and independent learners. Carmel High School prepares students with the discipline,  skills and  knowledge to succeed at the level of and contribute to the world.

Carmel High School’s curriculum is unique and diverse in comparison to many other schools in the country, it has  multiple intelligences, and a weave of  innovative thinking along with differentiated instruction. The school understands the challenges of an  competitive, international  interdependent environment, and the need for students to adapt and grow.

Carmel High School’s progressive unique curriculum and educational approach along with the passion and commitment of our teachers the school has come a long way. The atmosphere at Carmel High School  stimulates confidence, thought, self-discipline, harnessing of creative energies and being community centric.   

Interaction between the students and the faculty is more than healthy and the school believes that it’s primary function is to build an inviting and safe learning environment. Over the last couple of years Carmel High School has also developed on a foundation based on  committed staff, assessment of students work and effective management.

Carmel High School also lays extensive emphasis on sports and extra-curricular activities. The school participates and excels in various inter school sports tournaments. Carmel believes in holistic education with a child centered approach.


Carmel High School,

2nd  Block, 3rd Stage, Judges’ Colony,

West of Chord road,


Bangalore 560 079.

Telephone Number :+91-80- 23227015

Fax : +91-80- 23222091

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