Schools In Japan

The education system in Japan is built in such a manner that it is mandatory to attend schooling at the primary and junior secondary levels. The education provided through private schools is preferred at the higher secondary and university levels whereas lower secondary levels are completed through public schools. Like other counties, education is provided through day-care centers and Kindergartens at the elementary school level. From the start of April in a year to the end of March, the academic year begins with vacations in the summer during the month of August and vacation in winter during the month of December. In addition to this, there are few more holidays provided in the academic calendar from pre-school level to higher secondary levels.

The CBSE Schools in Japan provides the best learning experience by having the right integration of western and Indian education systems. The Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) program by the CBSE has been appreciated all around owing to the quality of imparting skills to the students at various levels. The school faculties are trained beforehand on various subjects while learning about the CCE simultaneously for helping students in different areas.

The major advantage of the CCE system is that it has formed an international comprehensive educational pattern where the conventional system of awarding marks has been replaced by the system of grades. The best part regarding grading system is that, it focuses on the student’s all round development in different areas like work experience skills, ¬†innovation, dexterity, teamwork, steadiness, public speaking, behavior, etc.

The CBSE Schools in Japan have been recognized among other international schools owing to the board’s manner of delivering education that are at par with the international standards. The table provided blow shows the schools affiliated to the CBSE in Japan:




School Name Address

Global Indian International School

Minami Shinozaki Cho 3-20-6 Edogana Ku Tokyo Japan Japan

Indian International School

Amica Bldg 1-5-4 Morisheta Koto Ku Tokyo Japan-1350004 Japan