Cbse Schools In Libya

The Libyan Population comprises around 1.7 million students  and out of them around 2,70,000 students are at the higher secondary level. The primary education system is accessible for every Libyan citizen.

For the first 9 years , the school education in Libya are free and mandatory for everyone . The basic education program covers subjects like Islamic Languages like Arabic, Jamahiriyi society, mathematics , natural sciences, geography, history, arts and music,physical education and technical education.The last 3 years of basic education would happen at the middle school level and after the course completion , a basic education certificate would be provided to the students.

There are only two CBSE schools available for members of Indian Community in the country which are provided in the table listed below.

School Name Address

Indian Community School

P O Box No 14266 Tripoli (S P L A J) Libya C/o First Secy Embassy Of India Tripoli Libya Libya

Indian Community School

P O Box 41247 Al-Khoms Libya Libya