CBSE Schools In Nigeria

Nigeria is a country located in the African continent on the Gulf of Guinea, Nigeria has many wildlife reserves and natural landmarks. It is a home for many national parks and wildlife animals, Nigeria is a gift of nature. Although it is not well developed country in terms of technology or infrastructure, Nigeria is slowly growing as a nation. The country is also home to lakhs of children, which has prompted the establishment of many schools in the country in order to develop the population’s educational agenda from its roots. Nigeria now has many educational institutions, which have been established by many charitable organisations from all over the world. Nigeria also has a CBSE schools, which is The Indian Language School that follows the CBSE syllabus from I to class XII. 

The Indian Language School is said to be recognized in the city naming Lagos, in Nigeria in the year 1982 with a light of developing Indian community within the city. The school was set up in the residential locality at no 11 Johnson Street in the city. Later it was started converting to residences having three floors, basketball court, wide playground,  and volleyball court. From the past few years, it is said to been expanded in a significant manner, thus acquiring all the nearby properties and also catering to a large group of students who have  enrolled in the school every year.

The Institution was established in the year  1982 as a private school. 

The school features best infrastructural facilities with a well-maintained library, laboratories, activity rooms, play area, cafeteria, recreational area and much more. The well qualified and trained teachers are available to impart knowledge and organizing co-curricular activities in the most innovative and the best possible ways.

At present the school has around 3,000 number students. It follows the syllabus oriented NCERT textbooks and also helps the Indian students who reside overseas to get transformation into higher levels of  education programs.

The below table gives you the details of the address of the Indian language school in nigeria.

Here is the details about the school :

School Name Address

Indian Language School

14/16 Oba Nle Aro Avenue, Llupeju, P.O. Box-8240, Lagos, Nigeria. Nigeria