Greenway Modern School

Greenway Modern School visualizes to entrust young minds with power, wisdom, and knowledge. The school promises to provide a supportive environment, a congenial and learning atmosphere. It ensures that students are engaged in challenging content and sharing environment. The school has always strived hard to impart holistic education consisting of physical fitness, academic excellence, and spiritual well-being along with social aspects.


Greenway Modern School is situated in Dilshad Garden, Delhi. It is affiliated to CBSE. The assessment system includes unit tests, regular test, and formative assessment. Through P2C ( Parents to Children ), parents and guardians are an integral part of this program by a network where there is a regular update of an interaction of management, academic progress, homework and child performance.

The school provides sound, well- equipped and efficient infrastructures. As it is a backbone of a school that every institution price its value, Greenway Modern School is constantly renovating a building and preserving enormous infrastructures supported by an outstanding staff. The entire campus is under CCTV Surveillance. The grand building consists of 4 storeys with spacious and well-ventilated classrooms. It comprises of an elevator for convenience., 24/7 water and electricity supply without fail.

Sprawled across a vast area, the school consists of a badminton court, basketball court, and a grand stage. Laboratories ( computer, Chemistry, Physics and Biology) are well -equipped. A spectacular library that is loaded with a huge stock of books with the latest information. A large hall has been allocated to art lovers where they can unleash their art for love and even handicrafts. There are a school Janitor and a productive team who are responsible for maintenance and fixation of infrastructures. The management provides transport and Medical Facilities.

Greenway Modern School encourages various co – curricular activities. Some of the activities include Echo Club, English Club, E – Club, Space Club, Workshops, Sports and Various Excretion and Trips.