CBSE 12th Board Question Papers Last 10 Years PDF

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts the class 12 board exams for all the affiliated schools. The exam is generally conducted in the month of March and is taken by over a million students every year.

The marks of the class 12 board exam are extremely crucial as it reflects one’s academic and other scholastic skills. The exam also requires the candidates to be thorough with the syllabus topics and proper preparation to score well. One of the most important tips to prepare well for the exam is to solve the previous year question papers and understand the exam properly. To help the students get well acquainted with the class 12 board exam, we have provided the CBSE 12th Board Question Papers last 10 years. By solving the last year questions, students can understand the exam pattern, marking scheme and types of questions asked in the CBSE class 12 board exam. Students are also advised to solve CBSE Sample Papers for scoring good marks in exams.

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Seven identical geese are flying south together at constant speed. A hunter shoots one of them, which immediately dies and falls to the ground. The other six continue flying south at the original speed. After the one goose has hit the ground, the center of mass of all seven geese