CBSE Board Question Papers For Class 10 With Answers

Students should practise CBSE board exam papers for effective preparation of the subjects. According to most experts, students should practice previous year question papers to get aware of the question pattern and difficulty level of the questions. It also helps in reducing their exam anxiety that usually occurs when students take the board exam. By solving CBSE board question papers for 10 with answers as a guidance, students can get complete their revisions for the exams and know about their mistakes. These question paper adhere to the CBSE Class 10 Syllabus and students are advised to practice these on a regular basis which will help them to score well in the examination.

Here at Byju’s, you can download the PDF for CBSE board question papers for class 10 with answers from the links given below: 

Practise This Question

A takes 6 days less than the time taken by B to finish a piece of work. If both A and B together can finish it in 4 days, find the time taken by B alone to finish the work.