CBSE Last Year Papers Class 9

CBSE previous year question papers act as a guideline for students preparing for their class 9 examinations. This helps the students to easily get an idea of the exam pattern. The students will also get familiar with the different types of questions asked in examinations along with the topic wise marking scheme.

By solving these last years’ question papers, the students can easily evaluate their weakness and strength much before the actual examinations. This will help the students to enhance their performance by strengthening their weaker sections. The best strategy to prepare for class 9 examinations is to practice previous six to seven years question papers and CBSE sample papers for class 9 to ensure excellent marks in the final examinations. It helps the students to analyze and prepare the topics relevant to the examination point of view.

The students can download CBSE last year papers class 9 by clicking the links mentioned below:

Practise This Question

The following figure shows the elliptical path of a planet about the sun. The two shaded parts have equal areas. If t1 and t2 be the time taken by the planet to go from A to B and from C to D respectively, then