CBSE Maths Question Paper For Class 10 SA1

We cannot ignore the fact that many concepts from class 9 syllabus gets repeated in the class 10 syllabus. So students should have a good understanding of all the concepts of class 9 to understand the chapters well in class 10. As there are two exams – SA-1 and SA-2, students have to clear both the exams with good marks.

Students are advised to solve all the mock tests, sample papers and previous year question papers to achieve good marks in both the SA-1 and SA-2 exam. We at Byju’s are providing the CBSE maths question paper for class 10 SA1 to help you prepare for the SA-1 exam in an effective way. These question papers are systematically designed according to the students’ convenience so it would be easy and effective to prepare and score good marks in the exam. Along with these, students are advised to also check out the CBSE Question Paper For Class 10 which will lend you a helping hand during preparation.

Click below to Download CBSE Maths Question paper for Class 10 SA1:

Download CBSE Maths Question Paper For Class 10 SA1

CBSE Maths Question paper for Class 10 SA1 

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A circular swimming pool has protection bars installed along the circumference of 220 meters. Find the radius of the swimming pool.

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