CBSE Maths Sample Paper For Class 12 Chapter Wise

The sample paper for class 12 maths helps students to excel in their board examination. As mathematics is a scoring subject, students can also obtain up to full marks in the subject. These papers would definitely improve their class 12 result.

Practicing sample papers for class 12 for the subject of mathematics helps the students to get to know about the pattern of examination. Chapterwise sample papers will help students to practice all the important questions with proper time allocation to particular questions that can be framed in their board examination. Practicing them would boost the confidence level of students and also help them to excel in their examination. Along with these do check out the CBSE question paper for class 12 for remaining one step ahead.

Download chapter wise Sample Papers for CBSE Class 12 Maths from the links given below:

Practise This Question

The minimum value of the function defined by f(x) = minimum {x, x+1,2 - x } is