CBSE Maths Sample Paper For Class 12 With Solutions PDF

Students find difficulty while preparing for the CBSE class 12 board exam but things get easier when you plan your preparation strategy properly. Maths is such a subject which requires analytical skills and practice. Students have to practice as many questions as possible in order to secure more than 90% marks in the CBSE class 12 maths exam.

Students must practice the exercises, mock tests, sample papers and important questions along with previous year question papers. We at BYJU’S are providing the CBSE maths sample papers for class 12 with solutions in the pdf format. Students can easily download the pdf and start preparing for the exam in a much effective way. It is advised to first solve all the sample questions and then cross check with the answers to know your performance and weak points.

Students can download the CBSE Maths Sample Paper for Class 12 with Solutions in PDF format from the link given below: 


Practise This Question

A particle having a charge of 10.0 μC and mass 1 μg moves in a circle of radius 10 cm under the influence of a magnetic field of induction 0.1T. When the particle is at a point P, a uniform electric field is switched on so that the particle starts moving along the tangent with a uniform velocity. The electric field is