Cbse Previous Year Question Papers Class 10 With Solutions

Every year lakhs of students appear for the CBSE class 10 and class 12 exam. Students feel nervous while appearing for the class 10 board exams as the competition among the students is really high. To tackle such situation, students must be prepared accordingly to score really high marks and pass the exam with satisfactory aggregates.

We at Byju’s are providing you the CBSE previous year question papers class 10 with solutions. This will help to get prepared for the main exam in a systematic way as it will be covering all the chapters from CBSE Class 10 Syllabus. We also provide sample papers, important question papers and mock tests to help a student understand the question pattern, marking strategy. Practicing these questions will definitely going to help you in fetching the highest marks in the CBSE class 10 board exam.

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If the first five throws of an unbiased die gave 6, what is the probability of getting a 6 on the sixth throw?