CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 9 With Answers

We cannot ignore the fact that many concepts from class 9 syllabus are again repeated in the class 10 syllabus. So students should have a clear understanding of all the concepts of class 9 to have a better understanding of the chapters in class 10. Hence, students should pay extra attention to practicing the sample papers and important question of all the major subjects in the class 9 syllabus. This will not only ensure to get good marks in the class 9 exam but also will help to score well in the class 10 board exam.

We at Byju’s, are providing the CBSE previous year question papers class 9 with answers and also the Important questions for class 9 science. It will be easier for the students to solve the previous year’s questions as the students can cross check their answers with the solutions given below. This will not only increase your accuracy of solving the questions but also will help to score good marks in class 9 main exam.

Given below are the links of previous year’s question papers for class 9 along with its answer:

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The part of the ear that vibrates in response to sound waves is