CBSE Question Paper For Class 10 SA1

Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE conducts class 10th Board Examination every year in the month of March. Students who are currently studying in class 10 should start solving CBSE Sample Paper parallelly with their ongoing studies. Solving sample papers and previous year Questions Papers will help to understand the pattern and the types of questions asked in the examination. Experts recommend solving CBSE Question Paper for Class 10 SA1 because solving questions from SA1 will help to revise the chapters of SA1.

Once the students have practiced the SA question papers, the previous year’s board exam papers can be solved. By solving these papers, the candidates will get a clear understanding of the final board exam. Hence, Byju’s provides the students with CBSE question papers for Class 10 SA1 to help in their revision for their first term portions.

The candidates can click on the link given to download the CBSE Question Paper for Class 10 SA1 in PDF format: 

Download CBSE Question Paper For Class 10 SA1

CBSE Question Papers for Class 10 maths

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On sampling a population, the frequency of homozygous recessive genotype (aa) is 36%. Calculate the following:
i) The frequency of dominant allele
ii) The frequency of dominant homozygous genotype
iii) The frequency of heterozygous genotype