CBSE Question Papers for Class 4 Maths


Maths is considered as one of the most interesting and important subjects. It help students to strengthen their analytical and logical skills. Class 4 Maths include topics such as factors, number system, fractions, decimals, geometric patterns, time, money, etc. To help students develop their concepts in maths in a better way, our website BYJU’S provide CBSE Question Papers for Class 4 Maths which follows the latest syllabus of the central board of secondary education according to the CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) guidelines.
The question papers help students to get familiar with the CBSE class 4 maths marking scheme, the difficulty level of questions, exam pattern and the question weightage. The class 4 maths CBSE question paper is given here so that students can prepare for their exam in a better way.

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In one complete cycle, a heat engine extracts heat Qh from a thermal reservoir, does work W and does not eject any heat into the environment. This heat engine is impossible because its operation violates: