CBSE Sample Paper for Class 6 Science

Sample papers are an extremely useful tool when it comes down to preparing for an examination. They give the students an understanding of where they stand in their preparation and how much more needs to be done in specific segments. Byju’s provides various other types of content that helps students in achieving a proper learning experience such as NCERT solutions, an updated CBSE syllabus and previous years question papers of Class 6th.

The CBSE Class 6 science topics when talking about Physics are Electricity and Circuits, Light Shadows and Reflection, Motion and Measurements of Distances, Fun with Magnets. When talking about Chemistry are, Separation of Substances, Sorting Materials into Groups, Changes Around Us, Fibre to Fabric, Water, Air Around Us. Math topics for Class 6th are Knowing Our Numbers, Algebra, Whole Numbers, Decimals, Playing with Numbers, Practical Geometry, Basic Geometrical Ideas, Integers, Fractions, Ratio and Proportion, Symmetry, Data Handling, Mensuration and Understanding Elementary Shapes. Biology topics for Class 6th are Food (where does it come from?), The Living organisms and their surroundings, Body movements, Getting to know plants, Components of food and Garbage in, garbage out.

Practicing sample papers helps students to revise their course material while giving the feel of an examination environment. For better results, students can put a timer which will help them time the paper better and thus have an edge in the examination. Although the paper setters can change the values, the number of questions you will practice will help you in detecting the type of problem they are serving you.


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Sample Paper for Class 6 Science

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Cotton is obtained from which part of the cotton plant?