CBSE Sample Paper for Class 7 Science

As exams are around the corner, students are all set to appear for their CBSE Class 7 final exams. After finishing their revisions, now it’s time to practice some sample papers to understand the exam pattern well. Byju’s brings a set of sample papers for Class 7 Students, prepared by our expert teachers as per CBSE guidelines. These sample papers cover marks distribution, important Science questions, and important diagrams that may come in school exams.

Brush up your knowledge by practicing these sample papers. These sample papers help students to get rid of exam fear, develops confidence and make them ready to face their CBSE final exams. Sample Papers provides you a fair idea about the time taken to solve out the question paper. With this, you can calculate your speed and devote time to each question in a planned manner, results in improving your time-management skills. 

Download the latest Sample Papers for Class 7 Science
Sample Papers for Class 7 Science

Practise This Question

The breakdown of glucose into carbon dioxide and water in the presence of oxygen is known as ____________.