CBSE Sample Papers for Class 9 Science

Class 9 Science needs a detailed study as students are introduced to various new topics that would act as the base for their future studies.  CBSE revamps the syllabus and pattern of the final question paper constantly so that students gain more and more knowledge. With the changed syllabus and pattern, students get stressed out with exam preparation. To ease their stress and provide them a better source of exam preparation, the board releases several sample papers.


Solve these sample papers to know your weak sections and work hard on them. It will help you in understanding your preparation level. Try to solve all the questions whether it is of 2 marks,  4 or 6 marks.  Check out all the important diagrams and practice them as these can help you add extra marks to your account.

CBSE Sample papers for class 9 Science is the best way to practice your concepts and prepare better for your Final Exams. These sample papers cover all the important chapters and topics of NCERT Books from an exam perspective.  Students can take an idea of real question paper pattern along with marking scheme. By practicing more, you will be able to gain confidence and make yourself ready for school final exams.


Practise This Question

Which one of the following disease is an acute disease?