CBSE Solved Question Papers For Class 10 Free Download

More than 2 lakh students appear for class 10 exams every year which will be held in the month of March and April. Students will be busy in collecting question papers, previous year question paper and sample papers from different websites for better preparations.

With an aim to help students Byju’s websites provides CBSE solved question papers for class 10, where students can refer and freely download and prepare for their upcoming board exams. These solved question papers are prepared based on the updated syllabus and under the guidance of CBSE board of exams.

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Practise This Question

Match the following:
A) Litmus1) Blue in acidic, pink in basic soilsB)Methylorange2)Red in acidic, yellow in basic solutionsC)Phenolphthalein3)Blue in basic, red in acidic solutionsD)Color of Hydrangea4)Pink in basic,colorless in acidic solutions