Last 5 Years Question Papers Of CBSE Class 12 Chemistry PDF 2014

The best way of preparing for class 12 board exams are by referring more number of previous years question papers. Students can practice previous year question paper to gain an idea of exam pattern and to improve their time management skills.

Byju’s is one of the best education websites which helps students of all grades by providing study material and previous years question papers in order to help them during exam preparations. Last 5 years Question Papers of CBSE Class 12 Chemistry PDF 2014 are freely available online so that students can easily download and practice them for their class 12 board exams. It is also advisable to solve the CBSE Question Paper for Class 12 for getting good marks in exams.

Given below are the links for download of the Last 5 Years Question Papers of CBSE Class 12 Chemistry PDF 2014:

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The activation energies for the forward and reverse elementary reactions in the system AB are 10.303 and 8.000 k cal respectively at 500K. Assuming the pre-exponential factor to be the same for both the forward and reverse steps and R = 2 cal K1mol1, calculate equilibrium constant of the reaction :

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