Last Year Question Paper Of CBSE Class 10 Science SA2

Every year CBSE conducts examination according to their latest curriculum and syllabus. Students, in order to make themselves completely prepared for CBSE examination, should solve last year’s question paper of CBSE class 10 science SA2.  It is important to solve each and every part of the science question paper like Chemistry, Biology and Physics. Even after revision of all chapters, it is very important that student should solve previous year’s question papers so that students can have a brief idea about the difficulties and areas on which they need to work on.

Hence, for students to be benefited so that they can examine themselves, we provide last Year Question Papers Of CBSE Class 10 Science SA2

Download Previous Year’s Question Papers For Class 10
CBSE Previous Year’s Question Paper For Class 10 SA2 Science


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A ball is connected to a rope and swung around in uniform circular motion. The tension in the rope is measured at 10 N and the radius of the circle is 1 m. How much work is done in one revolution around the circle?