Last Year Question Paper Of CBSE Class 9

Class 9 is one of the most crucial stages of a student’s life because most of the concepts in the 9th standard are essential for the class 10 CBSE board exam. Solving last year question papers is the most useful way to prepare for CBSE class 9 exam.

Students of CBSE class 9 should practice maths, physics, chemistry, and biology question papers to prepare for their board exam. Solving last year question paper of CBSE class 9 can give them a clear idea about the exam pattern and the marking scheme. They can also know the difficulty level of the questions asked in CBSE class 9 examination. It is also advised to solve the CBSE sample papers for effective preparation for examinations.

Download the Last Year Question Paper of CBSE Class 9 from the links mentioned below.

Practise This Question

The following figure shows the elliptical path of a planet about the sun. The two shaded parts have equal areas. If t1, t2 be the time taken by the planet to go from A to B and from C to D respectively–